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Elmas Patent Joint Stock Company TradeMark / Patent / Attorney Consultancy ABOUT US With more than 20 years of expert experience in the field of Industrial Property Rights, Elmas Patent provides consultancy services on Trademark, Patent, Design and other Industrial Property Rights. It conducts its registration processes smoothly, quickly and reliably in a one-on-one dialogue with our customers. The Diamond Patent, which has set out with the slogan of “Diamond” for your ideas, concludes your inventions and ideas of “Diamond” by giving the value, quality and speed it deserves with its expert team. For this purpose, “Patents protect ideas and creating awareness of the rights of labor, to be trusted and respected provider in Turkey has chosen its vision. You can follow us on our website and social media to get more information about the questions and these issues, please call us for detailed information.

Brand registration Trademark registration All the marks that distinguish a business from another business are called trademark registration. Diamond patent trademark registration. ELMAS PATENT incorporated company The indispensable brand of an enterprise that will take place in digital media, in particular, is the registration of its trademark. Since ELMAS PATENT prefers to try to institutionalize our company with new entrepreneurs, we initially provide logo design and registration of this designed logo. So what is trademark registration? All kinds of signs and symbols consisting of words, person names, titles, shapes, letters, numbers that are used to distinguish the products or services of businesses from the products or services of another enterprise are called Brands. Enterprises name, icons, logos, titles of the products and services they have grown for many years; Even if the brands are included in the trade names and registered in the trade registry, they are not legally the owner of that brand unless they are registered in the Turkish Patent and Trademark Authority as stated in the 6769 Industrial Property Law. Before brand registration, you should conduct brand research and brand inquiry for your brand that you will register on behalf of your company. We recommend that you do this through an official brand agent. In order not to encounter any objections during and after the brand application stage, you should do enough research on whether your brand has been registered before or if it has a significant similarity with a previously registered trademark. Sample of the Trademark Company’s Tel, Fax and mail address Class List that Wanted to Register What is a Patent? The patent is an official document that the inventor has various rights such as using, producing, selling or importing the invention for a certain period of time. It can also be said that there is a document showing who owns the right to use a technical or scientific invention. Turkish Patent and Trademark Office is the only installation authorized to issue a patent certificate in our country. The patent document provides protection for 20 years from the date of application. The inventor, who has obtained a patent certificate, can sell, market, reproduce and is privileged in these fields as he wishes. Many inventions, from machines to vehicles, from some chemical compounds to various devices, can be protected by patent documents. However, not every invention is patented by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. The invention must also meet certain criteria and nevertheless it does not have certain aspects. What Features Should Patented Inventions Have? First of all, the criteria sought is that the invention is new. Not only in Turkey, the whole world is not a new precondition. For example, it will not be possible to reintroduce a patent by making a few design changes on an invented device. Because, according to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Institution criteria, the technical situation in the invention must also be exceeded. It is another feature sought by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Authority that it is applicable to industry in any branch. An invention that cannot be applied to industry or in other words cannot be produced cannot be covered by a patent. DOCUMANTS NEEDED 1. Description 2. Drawing 3. Power of Attorney 4. Company’s Tel, Fax and mail address Industrial design registration What is Design Registration The new system, which has not been shared with the public before and which has a distinctive feature, is designed as the design registration system in order for the right of use to belong to the owner of the design. Design registration is the process for obtaining this right by the owner of the design. Not all designs are subject to registration. For example, designs that violate public morality and disrupt public order are not taken into the registration process. At the same time, it is not protected by a technical registration document that has no distinctive distinctive feature, is not new or has been used. The distinctive feature sought in the design can be in the shape, color, texture, general appearance and lines of the design. Where to Apply for a Design Registration? In our country, design registration processes are carried out by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. Therefore, applications are made to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. The registration process carried out by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Authority is valid only in our country. If protection is required in a different country, an application must be made to the institution having registration authority in accordance with the procedure of that country. DOCUMENT NEEDED 1- Power of attorney 2- Picture of the product (8×8 size 16 piece) 3- Company’s Tel, Fax and mail address 2- Picture of the product (8×8 size 16 piece) 3- Company’s Tel, Fax and mail address 2- Picture of the product (8×8 size 16 piece) 3- Company’s Tel, Fax and mail address 2- Picture of the product (8×8 size 16 piece) 3- Company’s Tel, Fax and mail address References Documents needed Power of Attorney (Simple Signed- It is enough to mail ) Patent Registration


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